Patient Testimonials

Anita Daugherty

Anita Daugherty (Partial Nephrectomy)

Eight years ago, I donated one of my kidneys to my sister, who had lost her kidney function. Ever since then, Dr. Richard Sandler, my nephrologist here in Florida, gives me a checkup every three months to make sure my remaining kidney is okay. more »

Frank Bunts

Frank Bunts (Lobectomy)

About a month and a half ago, in mid-January of 2012, Dr. Michael Zervos operated on me using the da Vinci Si robot. more>>


Raymond Malvicini

Raymond Malvicini (Radical Cystectomy and Prostatectomy)

I was operated on by Dr. William Huang in May, 2010. I'd been diagnosed with bladder cancer the previous year by a urologist on Long Island, who did several procedures... more »

Penny Nunziata

Penny Nunziata (Partial Nephrectomy)

I'd been having traces of blood in my urine for quite some time, and in early 2010 I decided to visit a new urologist who recommended that I have an MRI done... more »


Merv Hubschman

Merv Hubschman (Radical Cystectomy and Prostatectomy)

Prior to my robotic surgery procedure with Dr. William Huang at NYU Langone Medical Center, I'd had a number of procedures done to remove five cancerous tumors... more »


Francine Menaker

Francine Menaker (Partial Nephrectomy)

I was operated on by Dr. Michael Stifelman on my birthday. As I said to my friends, "At my age it's not so bad spending your birthday under anesthesia!"... more »


Paula Bledsoe

Paula Bledsoe (Ovarian Cancer Staging)

I had a sonogram at my gynecologists's office in November 2009 because I'd been experiencing light bleeding. It had previously been discovered that I had a small cyst which was thought to be minor, but... more »


Joseph Lacy

Joseph Lacy (Partial Nephrectomy)

I always see my urologist for a yearly checkup. In my 2010 exam, some microscopic traces of blood were found in my urine. After a cystology test, sonogram and a CT-scan, two small masses were discovered on the top of my left kidney. My doctor suggested I think about having surgery... more »

Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith (Partial Nephrectomy)

In November 2009, I saw a doctor about a recurring urinary tract infection. The doctor ordered an ultrasound, just to check on whether anything else was involved, and the sonogram showed a growth on my kidney. I went on to have a CT scan and an MRI... more »

Jeff Gorman

Jeff Gorman (Pyeloplasty)

I started having stomach problems in the fall of 2009, and went to see a gastroenterologist who diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome. I have a history of cancer in my family, however, and was concerned that the bloating and pain could be associated with that. So to appease me, the doctor ordered an ultrasound scan... more »

Omara Rothenberg

Omara Rothenberg (Myomectomy to Remove Fibroids)

I came to Dr. Kenneth Levey because I had developed several large fibroids, and was experiencing extremely heavy periods and a lot of cramping and discomfort as a result. When a test discovered that one of my kidneys was starting to become damaged by the fibroids... more »

Tom Lennon

Tom Lennon (Partial Nephrectomy)

Tom Lennon is accustomed to fixing things. For this 53-year-old former commercial deep-sea diver who spent years repairing oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, minor home repairs are a walk in the park. But his life took an unexpected turn when he was working on the roof on his home... more »

Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno (Prostatectomy)

When it comes to maintaining my health, I'm diligent about getting my annual physical exam, and this truly saved my life. In March 2009, I went for my annual physical exam which includes a test for PSA... more »


Kathleen Buck

Kathleen Buck (Ureterolysis with Omental Wrap)

Last November, I started experiencing abdominal pain and difficulty urinating. At first the doctors thought it was kidney stones. Then, in February, I began feeling worse—I was in constant pain, and lost 30 pounds—and they began to suspect lymphoma. I had exploratory surgery in March... more »

Steven Harris

Steven Harris (Partial Nephrectomy)

When you're my age—I just turned 38—you don't expect to hear the words, "You have kidney cancer." But that's just what happened to me last year. I'd gotten sick during April, feeling nauseous and throwing up to the point where I couldn't keep any food down... more »

Ira Matsil

Ira Matsil (Prostatectomy)

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I researched all the different treatment possibilities and narrowed my choices down fairly quickly to either an open-surgery prostatectomy or a prostatectomy using robotic surgery... more »

Pam Morgan

Pamela Morgan (Ureterolysis with Omental Wrap)

My wife, Pam, was diagnosed with retroperineal fibrosis, or RPF, in August of 2006. She suddenly became very weak, and was sleeping in excess of 20 hours a day. We got her to a urologist and it turned out the fibrosis had wrapped around both of her ureters... more »

Paul Calandra

Paul Calandra (Prostatectomy)

My case was a little unusual, since my problem started with kidney stones and bleeding. I've had a problem with kidney stones since I was in my mid-20s, and I recently had some pain, so I went to a urologist to get it checked out. The doctor recommended a CT-scan and some other tests, including a PSA test... more»

Myron Priester

Myron Priester (Prostatectomy)

In 2009, my PSA levels went up noticeably over a 6-month period. My urologist said there was a good chance it could become more aggressive quickly, especially since I'm African-American. He wanted to do open surgery on me... more »

Angela Girlando

Angela Girlando (Surgery to Repair an Inverted Uterus)

On August 6, 2010, I gave birth to a baby girl. Immediately after my daughter was born, the doctors discovered that my placenta couldn't be delivered because it had grown into my uterus. I was given a D & C procedure to clean it out, but began hemorrhaging and ended up in the ICU. I was in the ICU for five days... more »

Peter Sandor

Peter Sandor (Partial Nephrectomy)

I first learned that I might have a kidney tumor two days before Christmas, by accident. I was experiencing pain on my left side, and went to the emergency room. They did a CT scan that indicated I could have a growth on my kidney. At the end of January, I had another imaging test done... more »

James Kyriazias

James Kyriazias (Partial Nephrectomy)

I live in Florida. Early in 2010, during my annual physical, some blood was found in my urine. My primary-care doctor ordered an ultrasound scan, and it showed a spot on one of my kidneys. After a CT-scan confirmed something was there, she referred me to a urologist... more »

Rosalind Pettiford-Cox (Endometrial Cancer Staging)

I've had fibroids for a number of years, which cause spotting from time to time. But recently when I was on vacation with my husband, I went to take a shower and... more»

Ruben Morales (Prostatectomy)

It all started when my cardiologist, who is also with NYU Langone Medical Center, did some blood tests and saw that my PSA level had doubled over last year. He said it might be nothing, but he wanted me to see Dr. Michael Stifelman to make sure. When Dr. Stifelman examined me... more»

Debbie Nguyen (Radical Hysterectomy)

After I was diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer, I was told I needed to undergo a radical hysterectomy to treat the cancer. My options were open surgery, which would mean a longer recovery period before going back to work because of the large incisions involved, or robotic surgery... more »

Karen K. (Hysterectomy for Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia)

I had a D and C in December of 2009, and they found a precancerous condition. My gynecologist referred me to Dr. Bhavana Pothuri, who I liked very much. After speaking with her, I decided... more »

Carolyn Jones (Myomectomy to Remove Fibroids)

I'm a 34-year-old math teacher at a New York City middle school. Last February, I woke up one morning feeling like I was being stabbed in the gut. Thinking it was just bad gas pains, I went to work that morning. Once I got there, however, I was hurting so badly that I headed back home... more »

Grace Lee (Robotic Hysterectomy)

I came to United States from South Korea in 1971. I worked here for 28 years as a registered nurse, mostly in the area of hemodialysis—caring for kidney patients—before retiring a dozen years ago. I came to Dr. Joon Song because I had a uterine fibroid that was growing larger and causing bleeding as a result. I'd had the fibroid for many years, and it had always remained small. But in 2009, a sonogram showed that it had gotten larger... more »

Jenny Lee (Presacral Neurectomy and Lysis of Adhesions for Chronic Pelvic Pain)

I gave birth to my son by Caesarian section eight years ago. About two years after that, I began experiencing severe pain in my pelvis and lower abdomen. The various doctors I went to all told me that the pain was caused by an infection, and prescribed medication to treat it. But it never went away. For six years I experienced almost constant discomfort and was also bleeding quite a bit. I didn't know what to do. It was affecting my work, my state of mine, and my personal relationships... more »

Marilyn Michaels (Lobectomy)

My case is a complicated one. In 2006, two years after being treated for a gynecologic leiomyosarcoma - a smooth muscle tumor - I learned the cancer had metastasized to my left lung. more>>

Joseph Nero (Mitral Valve Repair)

About three years ago, my internist discovered I had a heart murmur. An echocardiogram indicated I had some mitral valve regurgitation, and I was told I’d probably need surgery a few years down the road. more>>

Holly Nichols (Mitral Valve Repair)

I learned I had a prolapsed mitral valve when I was in my 20s. My father had the same condition and so did my brother, so it’s probably congenital. more>>